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The Floor Board Challenge! December 04 2015

Custom Corner: The Floor Board Challenge

From time to time a special order falls into my lap, allowing me to try new techniques and letting my creativity run wild. This time my client was moving into a new house right around his wife’s birthday and contacted me looking for something special (for both the house and his wife). He happened to have an extra piece of floorboard from their old place and decided that the perfect way to pay homage to their first home together would be to turn the floorboard into a mezuzah case.

I was up for the challenge!

 First I needed to combine the board so it would be big enough to work. 

Then came the squaring up.

Then drilling....

And finally the carving

Sanding ...

And finishing

After completing the mezuzah case I had plenty of floorboard left and suggested creating a piece of jewelry for his wife from the extra wood. What better way to preserve a memory than by making it into a piece of jewelry! This bracelet featured sterling silver, CZ’s, lab grown sapphires (his wife’s birthstone), and a piece of their old home.

Custom Design Mezuzah Cases June 12 2014

Custom Japanese Mezuzah Case
This Mezuzah Case was made for a client who asked me 
to incorporate the japanese word for peace into a mezuzah case
along with the hebrew words for welcome.
Custom Japanese Wood Mezuzah Case