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Wood and Glass Kiddush Cup Care Information March 25 2015

Care instructions

Do not stress joints.

If you still see white from the glue this is normal and will turn clear in 2-4 weeks after which a permanent bond is formed.  

Dry any wood surface immediately after washing.

Take care to not let liquid stand on wood surface.

Do not use harsh detergents when washing. Soapy water or plain water and a dry cloth is usually enough to clean the cup. 


With proper care these cups will last a lifetime. Enjoy!

Exotic Wood Mezuzah Cases June 12 2014

Olive Wood from Israel

The olive tree is known to live a long time, hundreds and as some believe thousands of years. The use of the olive tree and the olive is mentioned several times in the Torah and was and is still used in many sacred traditions and religious practices. Each olive wood mezuzah possesses its own beautifully unique grain pattern, allowing for a perfect combination of nature and artistic expression. The olive wood used to make this mezuzah case was imported from Israel. Trees were not harmed during the harvest of this wood.

Olive Wood Mezuzah Case
Olive Wood Mezuzah Case
Olive Wood Mezuzah Case