Walnut Wine Glass Kiddush Cup

$ 150.00

Wine lovers rejoice!
The Wine Glass Kiddush Cup is here!

This handmade kiddush cup is made from walnut and glass. Hand carved spiral designs adorn the 
cup base and plate features a Star of David which is much more prominent when the cup is placed
on the plate. 

The base is hand turned and the design is then carved into it. The plate is made from 12 half
circles, which are cut from the same piece of walnut wood. These twelve pieces then sandwich the
glass center to create the Magen Dovid, Star of David. The wood is then lacquer finished and buffed
to a high polish. Not all wood is created equal, even wood cut from the same tree will have
different characteristics in terms of color and grain. This is why this cup is made from the same
piece of walnut to ensure grain and color match.

Care information can be found here.

This item is made to order please allow 7-10 business days till it shipment is ready.