A Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Box

A Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Box

A Jewelry Box.

jewelry box closed front view

This was a commissioned piece by a friend who was looking for a very unique gift for a her friends daughter. A Bat Mitzvah present. She knew she wanted something that would be cherished and used for ages. I made a few suggestions and she decided to go with a jewelry box. 

jewelry box front view open

I was given dimensions and a few details that were a must, like the name of the bat mizvah girl on the box and a short line in Hebrew for the new owner. 

jewelry box open side view

Curly maple lid with grain lines burnt in. Walnut in the front and back. And curvy cherry sides.The biggest surprise was color and contrast those padauk plugs bring to the box.

jewelry box inserts

One of my favorite thing about making this box was coming up with a solution for the inserts. Usually jewelry boxes come with built in inserts (from what I have witnessed could be somewhat of a mess. This was my attempt at making things a bit more organized. Slots in the top inserts can hold rings. And I drilled some large holes for earrings. The bottom insert features some larger holes for chains and bracelets as well as earrings. Best part you can take them out and decide what you want no digging through it all. 

jewelry box closed side view

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