About The Artist

Alex Aronov was born and raised until an early age in Uzbekistan, and today is a New York-based, one-of a-kind Bukharin Jewish multimedia artist and craftsman whose classic techniques and organic designs give fresh meaning to old-world definitions and new shape to contemporary fine art and sculpture.

Alex Aronov’s Judaic objects are handcrafted in stone and exotic woods; the signature smoothness and fluidity of his forms imbuing vitality and movement to their innate stillness. In letting the wood or stone “speak for itself” in the process of its making, the natural beauty inherent to each kiddush cup, mezuzah, or set of Shabbat candlestick holders, comes to life with the memory of its origins, helping establish a closer connection between man and G-d through each ritual. Like the grain of wood or stone, though no two of Alex’s carvings are quite alike, each work of art is a beautiful reminder of the cycle of connection in Jewish life.

The mezuzah cases are hand-carved from various types of wood and stone, such as Olive wood, Cedar wood, domestic wood, exotic wood, alabaster, and soapstone. The mezuzah cases are designed for easy installation and help you beautify the mitzvah of mezuzah making them the ideal gift for any jewish home. Stone mezuzah cases can be found here

The candle holders are handmade and skillfully crafted from an assortment of different types of domestic, exotic wood and alabaster. The candle holders are made to fit traditional tea lights and/or oil and are perfect for any occasion.

Wine Glass and wood kiddush cups are now available. These cups and plates are all handmade from wood, stone and wood or glass and wood. 

Stone Kiddush Cup sets: They are handcrafted from alabaster and various types of wood. Each kiddush cup comes as a set with a matching dish. Matching Shabbat sets are also available for purchase. These are one of a kind sets and include a Kiddush cup, plate and Candle holders all handmade from the finest exotic woods and alabaster stone.

Torah Pointers (Yads) are available in various designs. They are hand carved from various types of wood and make a great bar mitzvah gift.

Challah Boards: It has taken a while but they are finally here. One of a kind challah boards that are truly out of this world.

Sterling Silver Necklaces and Pendants are now available. They are handmade from sterling silver and are polished to a brilliant mirror like finish. Include a 16", 18" or 20" cable chain. Makes a great Bat Mitzvah gift!

Groggers, graggers, available in three styles and type. All feature different levels of loudness. Order one today to hear for yourself! The regular and the exotic wood grogger can come with an optional stand, which can be made from curly maple or curly cherry. Customizations are available.

Other unique handcrafted judaic gifts will be available soon. 

Custom design work, custom sized mezuzah cases and other custom orders are welcome! Click here to contact the artist