About The Artist

Alex Aronov was born and raised until an early age in Uzbekistan, and today is a New York-based, one-of a-kind Bukharin Jewish multimedia artist and craftsman whose classic techniques and organic designs give fresh meaning to old-world definitions and new shape to contemporary fine art and sculpture.

Alex Aronov’s Judaic objects are handcrafted in stone and exotic woods; the signature smoothness and fluidity of his forms imbuing vitality and movement to their innate stillness. In letting the wood or stone “speak for itself” in the process of its making, the natural beauty inherent to each kiddush cup, mezuzah, or set of Shabbat candlestick holders, comes to life with the memory of its origins, helping establish a closer connection between man and G-d through each ritual. Like the grain of wood or stone, though no two of Alex’s carvings are quite alike, each work of art is a beautiful reminder of the cycle of connection in Jewish life.