Purim 2016: Aleph Aleph featured on News 12 March 23 2016

Here at Aleph Aleph 10% of proceeds always goes to a variety of charities. In honor of Purim, a time of joy togetherness and most importantly food, I decided to give the entirety of the 10% for this month to Masbia Soup Kitchen. The Masbia organization provides New Yorkers in need with the most basic and essential necessity of life. Not only do they provide nutritious food to the community, they do it in the most respectful way possible by creating a restaurant-style environment using volunteers as waiters.

I had the privilege of meeting the Executive Director of Masbia, Alexander Rapaport, at an event a few years ago. On a whim I decided to tag him in my recent Purim post on Facebook. He immediately contacted me with an amazing opportunity. New tables had been donated to one of the Masbia locations and he was looking for ways to reuse the old wooden tables. Rather than just reuse the tables to create ordinary objects, we decided to repurpose these tables that had been so crucial in performing an incredibly important mitzvah (good deed) into Purim graggers - objects that would in turn be used to fulfill another important mitzvah, erasing the evil name of Haman during the reading of the Purim Megillah. 

I immediately got to work cutting down the tables and making new custom graggers. In the meantime, Alexander contacted News12 Brooklyn to tell them the story of the repurposed tables.

I am so honored to be working with such an amazing organization and can't wait to continue this partnership. May we all go from mitzvah to mitzvah.


You can check out the interview with News12 Brooklyn here:  



To find out more about this amazing organization check out their website at 

Quarterly newsletter #3 (Purim 2016) March 11 2016

What's new?

Clack clack clack!

That is the wonderful sound of a completely new addition to the Aleph Aleph family...


Three types to be exact.
Small, regular sized and an exotic wood grogger.
All three feature different levels of loudness. Order one today to hear for yourself!
The regular and the exotic wood grogger can come with an optional stand, which can be made from curly maple or curly cherry. Customizations are available.

New Holey Mezuzah Cases

I would also like to introduce two more Holey mezuzah cases. The Holey Olivewood and the Holey Kingwood Mezuzah case. These sell out fast and are very rare so don't miss out.

Custom Corner
Check out the custom corner blog.

Thanks for reading
and have a Happy Purim!

Alex Aronov

Quarterly Newsletter #2 (Fall/Winter 2015) December 05 2015

What's new?

I am very excited to introduce 2 brand new creations to the Aleph Aleph line:

The Wood and Stone Menorah

This modern styled menorah features a sleek and simple design. Handmade from walnut, maple and includes a semi-translucent alabaster Shamash that glows when lit. Bring ease and simplicity to your Chanukah celebration by using standard sized tea lights (1.5 inches).  

End Grain Challah Board

Made from maple and cherry wood, this board’s staggered geometric shapes will bring a unique look to your Shabbat table. Made from end grain. Finished in oil and buffed to a high polish.


Be sure to check out the the latest Limited Edition Menorah creation #2/5! 

Click Here for more info and images.


Custom Corner
Check out the custom corner blog.

Thanks for reading
and have a Happy Chanukah!
Alex Aronov

Quarterly Newsletter #1 (Summer 2015) August 14 2015

What's new you ask?
Well, I am very excited to introduce a brand new creation/addition to the Aleph Aleph line...

Cosmic Challah Boards

As all things Aleph Aleph, these boards are skillfully handcrafted and are absolutely unique. (Handcrafted using traditional and modern techniques.)
Made from walnut and maple, these boards feature wood inlay from curly maple, walnut, orange agate, tiger caspi and purpleheart. This board also features sterling silver inlay across the face creating a magical shimmer reminiscent of a night sky. The feet are hand turned from cocobolo. 1/8 inch tempered glass tops are available as well, to protect the board from knife marks. All challah boards are finished in oil and buffed to a high luster.

For a limited time receive a free handmade collapsable walnut stand with every challah board. When the board is not in use, showcase its beauty using the handmade stand altering the board's purpose from functional to aesthetic.
Click Here to get yours today! These are one of a kind so get them while you can.





Latest News June 03 2014

Kiddush Cups - Click to see the one-of-a-kind wood and stone kiddush cups.


Menorahs - Pictures of the new menorah have been added. 


More images can be found on the Aleph Aleph Facebook page. 

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