A Wedding Gift Tea box

A Wedding Gift Tea box

teabox face

So much thought went into creating this tea box. I was commissioned to make custom gift. A gift for a newly wed couple who loved tea. The task was to make a box that equally represents the couple through the design and wood choice. I was given a list Personality, character and interests. 

tea box top view

The top of the box I was asked to burn in Hebrew translated as: "....and the fruit shall be for food and the leaf for healing."

tea box corner detail

The used zebra wood for the feet and the corners were reinforced with redheart splines. 

tea box front emblem
On the front I designed and carved an abstract DNA emblem of sorts (his interest in biology). 

The box itself is made from curly maple. The grain runs continuously on all 4 sides. My favorite part of this box is probably the hinge. Made from the same piece of curly maple. The hinge almost vanishes completely when the box is closed. At the ends of the the hinge I added Padauk plugs to tie it all together.

tea box open full

I burned in the newlyweds initials on the inside rim. The inner compartments fit tins of loose tea and individually wrapped sachets from Harney and sons teas.

teabox side view open

The inner compartment are made from cherry. The front dividers are removable, so more tins can be added later.

The bottom of the box was made with walnut. 

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