Cedar SHDY Mezuzah Case

$ 90.00

The Cedar SHDY Mezuzah Case. This mezuzah is hand carved from a single solid piece of Spanish Cedar and features a glass tube which allows for easy access to the scroll when it is time to have your local Sofer check them. This design includes the Hebrew letters "shin daled yud"  carved  into the wood. The back of every mezuzah is signed and dated by the artist and then the entire mezuzah is coated with lacquer. Mounting tape is attached to the back for easy application to the doorpost. Mezuzah case dimensions are approx. 1x1x6 inches and fit a standard 4-inch scroll (scroll not included). Every mezuzah case comes in a beautiful velour pouch or box wrapped in ribbon, ready to be given as a gift, whether it be for the newlyweds, the new home or yourself.

Cedar is a wood known for its significance in the Torah, mainly for its use in the building of the Mishkan. Cedar is a very pleasant aromatic wood and in the time of our ancestors was also used, along with other items, as a way to "cleanse the home". Cedar wood has a very unique grain pattern and color. This particular cedar is imported from central and South America and is commonly referred to as Spanish cedar.

  ***Limited quantity***

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