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Large Jerusalem End Grain Challah Board

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Large Jerusalem End Grain Challah Board

Made from maple, ash and cherry wood, this board’s staggered geometric shapes will bring a unique look to your Shabbat table.

What is end grain you ask. Well, a wooden board has 3 unique sides the face, side and end. If you can picture a tree cut through a horizontal axis, you would only see the end grain of that tree. The fibers in a tree run vertically through the tree trunk like a bunch of drinking straws; this means that when you cut through a tree you sever these fibers, but by cutting on end grain you do not. This means a board made from end grain would technically be the most durable way to make a board when it comes to cutting.

Stand not included  

12x18 inches

Finished in oil and buffed to a high polish. 

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Care information

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