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Small Exotic Wood Mezuzah Case

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These mezuzah cases are hand carved from Cocobolo, Zebrawood, Redheart or Purpleheart.

These mezuzah cases are approximately 4 inches long with a 5/8-inch width and fit a 7 cm scroll (Scroll not included). 

Finished with oil and buffed to a high polish.

Cocobolo Mezuzah

Cocobolo is a rosewood from Central America. This is a beautiful wood comes in an outstanding range of colors from mustard yellow to reddish brown to black. The unique combination of color and the grain pattern make it a truly remarkable wood.

Purpleheart Mezuzah

Purpleheart is a very unique exotic wood. Upon exposure to sunlight the color of this wood deepens from a dull purple to an eggplant purple to brownish purple.  

Redheart Mezuzah 

Redheart is a remarkable exotic wood from Mexico and South America.  It has an absolutely stunning red color often balanced with streaks of orange and darker reds. 

Zebra wood Mezuzah

Zebra wood is an exotic wood from west Africa.  It offers a unique pattern with beautiful brown bands running throughout its golden yellow-orange, a truly remarkable wood.




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